You – sporadic poem written in 5 minutes

Yeah okay….random and written in haste but hell I will share bc why not? Opinions really, really appreciated but ofc this will need an edit or 900. Title to be re-considered.


Like a part of my brain that is bruised,

You loom constantly.


Don’t think I will ever forget,

The timid feet stretching forth,

Then blink of red squared digits.

A sink, or gasp of my breath.

Followed by trembling grey hands,

Walking over a cold keyboard,

The relief, the comfort,

Of disclosure, of understanding.


Yet as the death toll grew,

The outsiders lingered, then

Migrated. As you stood,

Suddenly famous for nothing,

You wished to be.


This chamber echoes, with

Scribbles left on the walls.

The ones you cannot find,

The ones you call, but

There is no answer.

The lost. The mourned.



With every beat, breath, inch.

To keep on keeping on.

Valuing the small grasps,

Of sand, of progress,

Against that looming spot.


That blackness.

You refuse to give a name,

To give it space, but still it moves

Without warning, without any cause,

Aside from sabotage, oblivion.

It aims to smash your hinges,

Blow the inside out. Taking

All, everything you fought to preserve.

Hold on, keep holding on,

To the sides, don’t let go,

Trying, trying, always trying.


I’ll tell you a secret,

There’s no glamour, no shine here,

No easy way to feel better,

This outlet will burn you,

So hard you will scream,

A voice swallowed up by years,

Too many years.

You’ll be looking back,

Gutted, devastated, devoid,

As the young ones frolic

With that dark bruise,

As if it is a childhood toy,

A stuffed unicorn, or bear,

With one eye left open.

It’s a trap, a cat’s cradle,

A spiteful, trap of wicked trickery.

That only you will spin.


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